Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Not enough hours in the day

Again, sorry for not posting with more regularity. I'm sure once school starts and I'm down a couple of kids, things will be a little easier to manage, but right now, just a lot of running around!

My parents are safely home from Romania, with lots of stories to share. They're planning to come down for a visit this Friday. They asked if James could maybe be baptized on another Sunday, since they really want to go to their church on their first Sunday back. I'm going to talk to Rich about it and see if they don't mind filling the baptismal on another week. Knowing him, I don't think it will be a problem. I do know that I'm excited to see my little guy baptized! Woohoo!

I think on Friday I'm going to take Bubba blueberry picking with me. There's a farm up in Morgantown and I really want to go. I know I'll be hitting the tail end of berry picking season, but I'm really in the mood for some fresh blueberries, and they're just so expensive at the grocery store this year! Plus, I've loved picking berries since I was a wee tot. It's just one of my favorite summer things to do. We should have about an hour to get them picked, so I'm hoping to be able to get a few pounds picked in that time. Then I have to decide if I want to bake something with blueberries, or just pig out on those little lovelies!

The praise team get-together was really good. Lots of good discussion about humility and stuff like that. I'm going to copy an article out of the most recent "Worship Leader" magazine issue about excellence to share with the team (probably give it to Rich to look at first, then give it to the team).

We're also going to sit down with some others from church (youth leader & wife and another good friend) to talk about ideas for starting up the coffee house again. It's been defunct for more than a year, and we'd really like to see it up and running again. It was kind of cool that three different people were thinking the same thing at approximately the same time, so we're going to make sure we're all on the same page and then talk to the board. Because everything is still around from the first time, I think we can do it relatively inexpensively. Get some local bands in, brew some coffee, keep it low-key. Just use the building God has blessed us with to reach the community!

I think this is going to be a season of change for the church. Nothing major, but I see people really stepping forward for some ministries that can really benefit the community and the Body. It's really exciting to be a part of that!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

So tired!

Man, I'm just wiped out! VBS has been going great, but for a mere three hours, it really takes it out of you. Well, me, anyway!

It's been a really good week so far. Last night Terri gave the invitation and 27 kids went up. Now I know that some of them went up for a rededication (Deborah, James and a couple of H. kids), but Sharon said this morning that several were kids who had no home church, so it was likely a genuine salvation. What a joy to witness!

It looks like the post-VBS baptism will probably be in two weeks (not this Sunday, but the following). James has indicated that he'd like to enter the waters this time. We may do a couple of "practice dunks" to make sure he's ready for it in the physical, but in the spiritual, I think he's good to go. I've watched his faith become more and more real over the past year, and I believe he genuinely believes in Jesus and has accepted Him as his Savior. And with that in place, I'm all about the baptism! I'm very excited to see another of my children showing obedience to God's commands in this way. Hopefully we'll be able to have family come down for this. I know my parents will want to see this event!

We took a trip to the pool the other day. Very nice, once Bubba and Faith got over their fear of the water. Faith figured out that it was fun before Christopher, but eventually everyone was having a good time. I look forward to the summer when we can buy a family pass and hit the pool a lot more often. It's pretty pricey, and the kids are still a little timid, but hopefully we'll be able to do it in the next few years. It really is a great way to get out of the house and enjoy the summer.

Other than the trip to the pool, we've been pretty home-bound the past week. The heat has been really unbearable, so we've been just chilling out in the house, trying to keep cool. Not with much success, but still, that's the goal. Hope the rest of you are comfortable, where ever you are!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Odds and ends

Today we celebrated my little niece's birthday. One year old already! What a precious time!

I have talked to Rich and things are in motion to begin making the switch. Because the VBS kids will be doing the worship next week, and then the following week Scott L. will be in to lead worship, we're going to have a break next week and just hang out over here to read some more of The Unquenchable Worshipper by Matt Redman. We haven't done any kind of relationship building outside of rehearsal in a while, so this will be good. Then, the following Saturday, I'll be running rehearsal for the second Sunday in August.

I have two issues that are going to be difficult. One is that I really would like our drummer to stop singing. We have more than enough vocalists, and he's just not very good. There are times where he adds a nice bass harmony to stuff, but most of the time, it just really muddies up the vocal mix. The other issue is going to be tactfully dealing with our guitarist. Both are good guys and I don't want to hurt feelings, but there are just a few things that need improvement and those are some big ones. The rest is just going to be getting used to have rehearsals that have a little more "direction" to them, rather than just running songs, which is what we basically do right now. I want to make the switch to that slowly, but not so slowly as to waste time getting to a better place. And it's hard, because some of the biggest fixes have the potential to hurt feelings. Prayerfully, we'll be able to work together for the common goal of excellence in attitude and musicianship.

Oh, and as difficult as online relationships can be, they can also be sweet. I got to talk to who I hope is becoming a good friend for nearly an hour the other night, and it was such a blessing to me. She's a wonderful, Godly woman, and I'm just really thankful that I know her, even if it's just through a computer screen and on the phone!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Online relationships should not be this complicated.

That is all.

Monday, July 10, 2006


I don't think I've shared this here, but it's pretty precious.

James is just one of the most loving kids you'd ever want to meet. He'll go up to people he's never met, ask them their age, talk to them a while, and then ask if he can be their friend. If they say yes (and most do!), he'll tell them that he loves them. When we were on vacation, my mom told him not to tell everyone he meets that he loves them. I stepped in and said that he probably did genuinely love people, as he's just that kind of kid!

Anyway, a few weeks ago, we took all of the kids to see Cars (always a treat to take four kids to the movies!). I misheard the announcement on the phone and thought the movie started at 6pm, when it actually started at 6:30pm. So we were there about 45 minutes early (for a movie that was looooooooong!). Anyway, James started talking to a couple of girls who were sitting behind us. Asked them where they lived, invited them over to play, stuff like that. He did the typical thing where he asked them to be his friends and then when they said yes, told them that he loved them. Then he said something that we had not heard before; he said, "A friend loves at all times."

How beautiful! Here's a little five year old who has not only taken the Word into his heart, but who is applying it in his life! I knew that he had asked Jesus into his heart last year at VBS, but it's just incredibly encouraging to see Jesus come out of him. What a blessing to a parent!

Speaking of VBS, the oldest three are going to one VBS this week at the church at the bottom of the hill. Then on Sunday, our church starts VBS. We're doing Groups' Fiesta this year. We used their curriculum last year, and it was a really great VBS program. I did the drama for it, and it was just a lot of fun. I'm doing the same this year, and I'm already getting excited about it, although I do need to get off my hiney this week when I just have Christopher in the mornings and get busy getting my supplies together. Here's praying more kids will come to Christ this year and will get to know the perfect Friend!

Friday, July 07, 2006

Update on me

Sorry, sorry! I know, I've been a lousy blogger. Lucky for me, I said early in the summer that I wouldn't be getting on here all that often. Ha-ha!

Anyway, I wanted to give an update on the whole praise and worship thing. It's been weighing on me heavily over the past few months, so finally the past Wednesday (7/5), I met with Rich to talk about my role in the praise team. I shared with him my desire to step into a greater leadership position and some of my desires for the team in general, and he confirmed my feeling that now is probably the time for this move. He didn't feel that it was the time for Jason to move there, which is a little difficult for both of us, but nevertheless, he does believe that it's time for me to increase my involvement in the leading of the team.

Right now, we've not really discussed what that will entail. I've asked him to share what he sees this role involving, and I'm thinking about it myself. I expect I have greater aspirations than he might be willing to give over, but that's okay. Any change will likely be an improvement.

I've been garnering a lot of ideas from this website. (Thanks Samurai!) Really incredible stuff there. I mean, seriously good stuff! If there are any worship leaders who happen upon this blog, please, please, check out Kauflin's blog, particularly the series on What does a worship leader do. Brilliant.

Things are mostly good around the house. My biggest irritation right now is just that I've got this nagging cough that simply will not stop. After keeping Jason up for like four nights in a row, I finally moved to the couch. No other symptoms, just a nasty cough. Blech. I hope it's over soon!

Our Independence Day was nice. We went to the H's on Monday and watched some home fireworks (not illegals, just the little ones). James even used a sparkler, which was great! Then on Tuesday, the H's came over here and we watched the big display in town. I love fireworks! Even the little dinky ones are pretty! It's just neat to me to see fire and gunpowder and whatever they use to make colors both controlled and out of control at the same time. I'm sure there's some kind of deep, spiritual thing there, but I'm too beat to figure out what it is. Suffice it to say, I like it!
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