Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Updating the blog

I know I've got one of those boring blogs that uses the regular template and all of that, but I'm just no computer wiz! I did, however, move my blog over to the new beta version of Blogger that allows you to tag your posts. It'll be slow going, but I hope to get everything tagged over time, for those who don't want to wade through everything!

I finally get to see part of my family tonight! Deborah and James come home tonight after their after-school program. I'm trying to decide what kind of special thing we can do while they're here. I'm sure even if it's just sitting together on the couch, doing homework and talking about the past few days, it will still be special.

In other news, I'm all about the new show Heroes on NBC. Jason kept telling me how he got sucked into it, so on Sunday night when they ran the first three episode (minus the pilot), I taped it and got caught up. Very interesting show. Not some of the best acting out there, but the plot is interesting enough to make up for it, at least IMO. I set the timer on my VCR (yeah, we still have one of those -- not up to DVR yet!) wrong last night, but I was able to watch the episode online today. Plus, you can download them from iTunes for $2/episode. Definitely worth checking out.

Today is my day off, and I'm trying to figure out what I want to do. I've done a little cleaning already (cleared out some old clothes that don't fit anyone and cleaned up the kitchen), but I'm thinking about heading up to Morgantown to do shopping this afternoon.

We ended up shifting our boom-chick Sunday back one week, because one of the main members of the congregation that I had in mind is actually going to be gone this week. Since the kids are still going to be up there, we decided to go a whole different way with it, and went a little more loud and beepy. So the set list for Sunday, Oct. 29 is now:

Here is our King -- DC*B (with full Reason loop)
Trading My Sorrows -- Darrell Evans
More Love, More Power -- Jude DelHierro (hip-hop version)
How Great is Our God -- Chris Tomlin
Worthy, You Are Worthy -- Matt Redman

We may add "You Are God Alone" to it -- I'm not sure. I need to time what we already have. The music has been running a little long lately, so we'll probably just stick with the above.

Okay, if I'm going to actually have time to go out and do some shopping, I probably need to get a little more done around the house. Off I go!

Monday, October 23, 2006


So, I got to sleep in until 9am this morning! Very nice, I must admit. I stayed up a little extra late after work last night (I taped "Heroes" to get caught up on the show, and watched the first of the three episodes they aired), but ended up with almost a full 8 hours. No complaints here! That said, I do miss having the wee ones and my hubby around to cuddle with this morning. My big blanket is nice to snuggle under, but it's better it's nicer when you're snuggling with a person and stealing some of their body heat too!

My main goal for the week is to get the kids' rooms in order. My dad is coming down in a few weeks to put new shelves in their rooms, and I want all extraneous toys to be gone before that point. I also want to clear out the closets/drawers of all clothes that don't fit anyone. I'm driving Deborah & James up to my parents on Thursday night after school, and I want to take old clothes with me, for Gram to store for Lydibug.

And now for something completely different...

Deborah picked up, "Girls rule and boys drool" at school, and every time she says it (or one of the other kids says it, for that matter), I always stop her and say that it's not nice, and no one "rules" or "drools" just because they're a boy or girl. Well, the other day the kids were all playing something in "teams" of boys v. girls and the girls won. Deborah started with the phrase, and she must have seen me getting ready to stop her, because she ended up saying, "Girls... are equal to boys!" ;-D

Friday, October 20, 2006

Lonely weeks

I've got a couple of lonely weeks coming up. Jason is heading out to MD for a couple of weeks, the youngest two are going to my parents for that time, and the oldest two will be here off and on, depending on my work schedule. So I'm going to be rambling around the house all by my lonesome a good bit through the beginning of November. There's a part of me that's dreading it, but a small part that is kind of looking forward to some time by myself. It will be good to sleep in the mornings after I work. Rest is good.

Not much to write about today. The other day I was scrolling through a friend's Netflix queue and saw a Sydney Poitier film, which reminded me that I need to bump "They Call Me Mr. Tibbs" up in my queue because of how much we tend to enjoy his movies. Of course, that got me thinking about my favorites, and that reminded me of "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?" And that reminded me of a wholly un-PC episode of "Designing Women" when Suzanne is having Anothony over to her house because she wins him in a bachelor auction (I think it's that episode!), and she talks about that movie, "There are some black people coming over for dinner." Of course, that made me think about all of the other great DW quotes, and I laughed out loud in my car on my way to work.

Got my set together for the 29th, more or less.

I Saw the Light -- as performed by DC*B
The Happy Song -- by Delirious?
I'll Fly Away -- as performed by Jars of Clay
Need Thee Ev'ry Hour -- hymn
All Your Promises -- Andrew Smith
Take My Heart -- Phil Wickham

Should be a fun set to do. And now no one can say that I don't listen to the people -- I'm doing "I'll Fly Away" even though that's one of my least favorite songs of all times! I thought about JoC's version of "Nothin' but the Blood of Jesus" but I don't think we can pull that one off, and at the end of the day, there are a lot of folks who like "I'll Fly Away." Why, I'll never know, but who am I to argue with the people?

Well, the WVU game should be about over now, meaning hubby should be back from visiting his family that has ESPN. Nighty-night!

Monday, October 16, 2006

So far behind!

Okay, because one of my best friends from high school asked for a linky to my blog, I figured I'd better update it! I certainly don't want her to get here and not see anything new for 3 weeks. How embarrassing! ;-D

Life has been incredibly busy. Good, but very, very busy.

Going back: Had my meeting with James's teacher. She mentioned that she thought he might have Asperger's Syndrome. We ended up scheduling a meeting with the student assistant team at school, and are going to be doing some work with him to see how we can help. I'm not sure if I think he has AS or not (my take is that he'd be very borderline, and I'm not sure a diagnosis would really help him that much), but they've already made some suggestions for him in the classroom and at home, so I hope we'll be able to see some improvements even if we never get him "officially" diagnosed as having AS.

We've had the cold thing floating around our house since I got it. Can't seem to get everything clean enough to kill it off. I would think that the freezy temps around here would kill it, but no luck so far. It just seems to slow it down so someone has been sick for the past 3 weeks. *sigh*

Work is going well. I enjoy the job 98% of the time, and in those rare moments when I get cussed out, it's just entertaining. Someone told me that he paid enough money to call me a vulgar name when the NETWORK (not the cable company) had blacked out the Eagle's game he wanted to watch. One guy honestly called in when the power was out in their home to complain about the lack of cable. Another person called in and talked to me for about 45 minutes about how we could set up some kind of Comcast dating channel so people could meet and hook up. One woman who was incredibly worried about identity theft and privacy told me the complete story of her divorce and new relationship. I've joked about the Steelers and Jon Stewart with all kinds of customers.

The hardest call I got was from a 60 year old woman who called in because her vindictive ex-husband had come into her home and cut all of her cables. She started crying on the phone and I felt so incredibly helpless. Sending a service-person out to her house to reconnect her cable didn't seem like NEARLY enough to do. I took her call several days ago, but she's gonna' be on my personal prayer list for a really long time, I think.

Outside of work...Jason's job is in extreme jeopardy. Several contracts that the company needed to win in order to keep things afloat have not been secured, so it's looking like his time there is rapidly coming to a close. I'm going to try to pick up as much OT as possible right now while he's still able to work from home and watch the kids. But we're coming up on needing a bit of a miracle for him at this point, or he's gonna' be sitting in the cubicle next to me pretty soon. There's definitely a bit of stress about that.

But in happier news, I've finally been given full run of the praise team. I've been emailing back and forth with Rich about it, and he said that he was mostly just waiting to see how things were panning out with the job and life in general. Since that seems to be pretty stable, he has given me full authority there. Pretty exciting, scary stuff!

I know I said I'd be posting the set lists -- that hasn't happenned! So I'll at least give last week's set and then this coming week's set.

Oct. 15
Hosanna -- Paul Baloche
Shout to the Lord -- Darlene Zschech
Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) -- as performed by Chris Tomlin
Made to Worship -- Chris Tomlin
Holy Love -- Andy Park

Oct. 22
Made to Worship -- Chris Tomlin
God is Great -- Marty Simpson
Holy, Holy, Holy -- as performed by the Vineyard
Father of Lights -- John Barnett (updated version)
Your Beloved -- Brent Helming

I'm planning a blue-grassy kind of set for the 29th, when we're having our church fall fun day. But I'm not settled on exactly what we're going to do. Definitely The Happy Song and I Saw the Light, but I'm not sure beyond that. I've invited the kids up for the music that week, so hopefully they'll give that extra energy we need to get it going!

Okay, hopefully that will make up for my giant lapse in posting. Be blessed!
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