Thursday, December 28, 2006

What to write?

I feel like I need to write something, since I've been so lax about keeping up with my blog, but honestly, there's not much to write about right now. Things are slowing down a little now that Christmas is over. Not quite the frenetic pace that it was a week or so ago. I'm ready for the breather. The living room could use a good clean from after Christmas, but I just don't have the energy for it this week. Once we get to the weekend I'll tackle that.

The kids went to Wheeling yesterday to see the lights at Oglebay. They had a good time and enjoyed seeing all of the displays. My in-laws took them to see it. I haven't gone in years and they said that it's really quite beautiful now. I'm sure Jason enjoyed having a quiet house for the afternoon! The kids seem to be enjoying their Christmas break, though I'm guessing Deborah & James will find it to be too short. I know I've been enjoying getting to sleep in some in the mornings.

Well, I've got to get some laundry done and honestly, there's not much to write about right now. Be blessed!

Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas!

Ahhhhh... Christmas afternoon. The calm after the storm. The kids are all playing with their new toys, Jason is watching one of the new/old Star Wars DVDs that he got and I'm uploading some new pics of the family.

It was a lovely Christmas break. I made a trip to OH to visit some long-time internet friends and it was just wonderful. It was amazing to get to meet people I've talked to online and on the phone and actually put a face with the screen names. They are two of the most pleasant, nice, funny people I've had the pleasure of meeting in a long time. I'm so glad I had the chance to do this. I'm so thankful to my wonderful hubby for giving me the opportunity to make a 5 hour drive (both ways) for a less than 3 hour lunch. Deborah made the drive with me and had a great time spending a night in a hotel room and then getting to meet kids from all over the country.

Christmas was good. The service went well yesterday. The praise team did "O Come, O Come, Emmanuel," "O Come All ye Faithful" (new Third Day version), "Joy to the World" (Mariah Carey version) & "Here is Our King" (with full Reason loop). Then last night I just lead the music in a Scripture & singing service. It was very nice, although I found out about mid-way through the second verse of "While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks by Night" that I don't know that carol very well! :blush:

Anyway, here are a couple of pics from last night and this morning. Merry Christmas to you all!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Changes in the new year

I'm forseeing some big changes for me in the new year. Some things that have been given a lot of my attention in the past seem to be coming to a close, and while it's incredibly difficult to make the change, I think it's going to be good for me (sorry for the vaugeries -- this is still out in the real world, even if only 3 people read it!). I've made the decision -- now to have the guts to carry it out! Big changes can be so freakin' scary!

In other news, I get to meet two very dear friends from the internet this Saturday! I'm so incredibly excited about this! These are some really awesome people that I've known for a while (one for about 5 years or so and one for a little over 2 years) and I'm just thrilled to get to meet them in person. Deborah and I are gonna' take a road trip after I'm done with work on Friday and then meet them for lunch on Saturday. I'm looking forward to some drive time with Deborah and definitely to meeting these folks.

Work has been good. I've been in to talk to the folks with quality and my supervisor about my stats, and pretty much everything is really good. There's a pretty nice bonus at the end of the year if I end up in the top third of the company, so I'm praying that the one stat can pull up so I can make that. It would be nice to be compensated for doing my job "over and above."

Hmmm... lots and lots going on, but not much time to write. Hopefully once the change is complete, that time will come available. But at least you get to see pics of my extra cute kids!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever!

Okay, so maybe not EVER, but our Christmas pageant on Sunday morning went really well. Terri did a great job with the script, the kids all sang well, the stage looked great, it was just really nice. I grabbed a few pics after the pageant, and here they are!

James & best friend Elijah after the program. From sheep to shepherd in one year!

Deborah & Lexie -- two angelic singers.

James & Bubba -- shepherd and sheep before the show.

Faith Jubilee -- the church's littlest angel this year.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Getting clean

Making the kids do some slave labor today. ;-D Actually, they've been really helpful today. They helped us clean up the living room (including dusting and cleaning the windows) then they scrubbed my bathroom floor and now they're scrubbing their bathroom floor. Very helpful! All four of them have been really great at helping out to the best of their ability. I'm really proud of them for pitching in and helping out. Especially while I steal a minute to blog!

Life continues on its busy way. Dance practice this morning, followed by cleaning, visit from my mom in a little bit, and then a work party this evening. Sadly, I couldn't get a sitter for tonight, so Jason can't join me. I'm totally bummed. It will still be fun, but not as fun as if he was there.

The tree is up and I'll get pics up soon. James is feeling better, Faith is feeling worse (spent all morning curled up on Jason's chest, but denies feeling sick). I'm exhausted 'cause I woke up around 3:30-4:00am and couldn't get back to sleep. But overall, it's a good day.

Okay, I need to get a few more things done before my mom gets here. May you have a blessed weekend!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Gotta' sing

Not a lot of time to post this morning, but I had to share this.

Had a good day at work yesterday. Deescalated a nasty call (the customer actually apologized to me for being mean when she got on the phone with me), took a Christmas gift payment on someone's account, just had a generally good day. But my best call was the check payment.

Totally normal payment. Nothing going on. But while I'm taking the routing number and what have you, I'm hearing this voice in the background being really loud. The customer starts laughing and tells me that her mayna bird is learning "I'm a little teapot." Of course, after she says this, everything becomes clear and over and over I'm hearing this bird singing, "I'm a little teapot! I'm a little teapot! I'm a little teapot!" It was absolutely hilarious! I was totally unprofessional and just laughed and laughed, but it just totally made my day.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Let it snow

It seems as though our first snow is upon us today. TWC is saying flurries, but these flurries have put down enough snow to make our road white and the yard is definitely on its way there as well. The kids are elated at the first snow of the season. Jason is hoping that the snow that started since the kids have gotten up will cause a delay. I'm brewing a pot of Mocha Java coffee. It's a good morning! ;-D

Things have been good around the Wright house. Incredibly busy right now, but good. Last week was insane. On Tuesday night, Jason had Bible study, Wednesday we had p&w rehearsal, Thursday I had dance practice. Friday night we got to spend some time as a family. Saturday Jason and I went to a church in Morgantown to sing for an out-reach tailgate party (and got to meet someone we'd met online -- really nice, tall guy. And I know he's okay, because within the first five minutes or so of meeting, he quoted from Zoolander. Obviously a man of distinguished taste. I look forward to dinner with him and his wife in the near future!). That would have been a lot more fun if it wasn't 30 degrees out! Brrrrrr! Fingers do not like to play the piano when they're frozen to the keys! Yesterday was church in the morning (after a really rotten morning -- fortunately, God showed up where invited yesterday and it was AWESOME!) and then our last Dave Ramsey in the evning. Waaaaaay too busy. This week should be better. If I've got my schedule right, the only thing going on this week is practice Wednesday night. We're hoping to get our Christmas tree up tonight or tomorrow. I definitely am feelin' the Christmas spirit and want to get going on that!

But if I want to get that tree up tonight, I'm going to have to sign off here and get my basement cleaned up enough to make a path between the tree and the steps and then get myself ready for work. Be blessed all!
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