Saturday, June 30, 2007

She's here!

My new niece is here! She was actually born on 6/27 at 11:51pm -- didn't want to share with her Aunt Alise! Megan had a nice, quick labor and it sounds like it was a very good birth experience.

I haven't had a chance to visit her yet, but hope to make it over to Megan & Justin's this morning before work. I'm anxious to give this new little one a nice sniff at the top of the head. In my mind, there's not much that beats that new-baby smell!

My birthday was pretty nice. Nothing terribly special about it, but good nonetheless. Jason bought me season 8 of Seinfeld, so woohoo there. My mom had given me an iTunes gift certificate, so I picked up some Erasure, since all of my Erasure is on cassette (it was the early 90's after all!). I've been loving reliving on my synth-pop days! I went to work for a few hours, but blew off the end of my shift (yeah, I'm bad!) to come home and watch a movie with Jason. Overall, it was an okay day.

I think that's about it. I'm gonna' sit and hang out with the kids some this morning before I head out to work this afternoon. Be blessed!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


My sister just called a little bit ago and she thinks her water broke, so I might be sharing my b-day with a new little niece or nephew! Woohoo!!!

8 Things

After being tagged by my old friend Chuck, I'll do my 8 things.

The rules: Each player lists 8 facts or habits about themselves; the rules of the game are to be posted first; at the end of the post, the player then tags 8 people and goes to their blogs to leave a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged.

1. Even though I went to college to study music ed, I've enjoyed my current job in customer service way more than my job as a music teacher. I still love music (playing it, listening to it, whatever) and I don't think any education is ever wasted, but honestly, I like my unskilled job pretty well.

2. If I'm watching the TV during the day, I find that children's programming is far more entertaining than adult programming. I'd rather watch "Between the Lions" than "Dr. Phil" pretty much any day.

3. I can't wait for the next season of "Heroes" to start. That show sucks and rocks at the same time. I absolutely love it.

4. My birthday is tomorrow and I turn 33. I still don't feel old yet. And someone at work thought I was in my 20's the other day, so I guess I don't look that old either. Or she was just being nice. Either way, I'll take it.

5. The coffee I'm drinking right now is really good. It's Gevalia's Mocha Java sweetened with a little bit of hazelnut coffee creamer. I love that my husband makes me coffee most mornings.

6. I love doing crafts. I'm thinking about starting a new blog to show off my handiwork and to keep me on-task, since I have altogether too many projects going right now that I need to finish up!

7. Blingo is a very cool way to search. I've won 2 movie tickets just from doing searches with them. And they don't spam you, which is very, very nice. Just free crap for searching. You should totally click on that link on the right and sign up for it. ;-D

8. I love hanging laundry out on the clothesline. And since days like today make me want to waste energy by running our A/C at full blast right in my face, it's good to know that I'm saving that little bit of energy by hanging my clothes outside for the sun and wind to do their job!

I don't think I read enough blogs to tag a full 8 people, but I'll tag Elwood, Susan, Samurai, Voveo Uxor, Jennifer, & the Sensuous Wife. Ta-da!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Consider the gift

My mom is brilliant.

Actually, God is just pretty amazing. I've been pretty hung up on the idea of Matthew 5:23-24, which talks about being reconciled before offering your gift, and I've felt very paralyzed by the idea that I have nothing to give because I don't know how to have reconciliation when one doesn't think there's been any violation. How do you have reconciliation when one person can't see that they are part of the reason you're hurting? (Again, not forgiveness -- in my mind, that's completely separate from reconciliation.)

Anyway, in the past two days, two people very close to me have encouraged me to consider the gift (not both in those exact words, but the same theme). I have just assumed that it's music because that's the area of my most obvious gifting and my deepest passion. But in the past two days, I've been told (by two people who don't know one another at all and have absolutely not spoken to "conspire" to encourage me in this way) that I need to look beyond the gift that I think I'm to offer, and to ask God what gift He wants me to give Him. And as my friend said yesterday, God wants me to offer Him me. I am the gift that He wants. Not just my talents and abilities, but me, myself. It was powerful yesterday when C told me that, but having it confirmed today by my mom just really nailed it down for me, especially in light of some of the other things that have been bouncing around in my brain in the past few weeks.

So my job for the next X amount of time is to do just that: Consider the gift.

Monday, June 18, 2007

I don't like being hot!

It's absolutely miserable here already! Our living room has very poor circulation in it and it didn't cool down anywhere near enough last night, so it's already 77 degrees in here before the sun even comes out to run the temp back up. I don't generally look forward to work, but on days like this when it's just miserable in the house, sitting in A/C tonight doesn't sound all that bad!

Jason and I had some long talks yesterday about our current church situation. We're still feeling pretty aimless. Some good friends of ours from ToL have been pushing pretty hard for us to come back and there's still a draw to that part of the Body that we don't feel like we can shake, but after 2 major hurts from the same pastor (not just people in the congregation, but the one leading the congregation), I just don't know if I can go back. Right now I don't see how I could possibly trust him again (forgive -- yes. Trust -- that's a whole other thing.). I know that it's God that I need to trust, not man, but I've still got to interact with the people. I just wish there was a very clear-cut answer to all of this! It would be much easier!

It wasn't quite the Father's Day we had hoped for for Jason. I went over to babysit Lydia yesterday afternoon so Megan and Justin could have one last date before new baby gets here (on my b-day???), so he was left alone most of the afternoon. We took that family out to Cracker Barrel for dinner, which is one Jason's favorite places to eat, but Christopher was being a bit of a PITA, so it wasn't quite as nice as it could have been. By the time the kids finally got to bed last night, he was feeling pretty blah and I wasn't feeling much better, so it wasn't a great night either. I'm hoping today will be a better day.

But then again, it's pretty stinkin' hot out and that doesn't help!

Friday, June 15, 2007


In our Bible study we were talking about revival last week. What it looks like, who it can affect, how it comes about.

One of the best lines in the study was, "We must be desperate in our pursuit of God, not just in our pursuit of revival."

to me, one of the hardest things about this is being willing to give up so much of myself. How can I have enough time to just drop everything to pray with someone? How do I find the energy to pray into the night and then get up and work the next day? How do I find the courage to really confess my deepest, darkest sins to people who might not like me as much when they find out who I really am when even glimpses of that person can be pretty frightening? And how do I unconditionally love people who hurt me and the people I love?

I know that God wants to bring revival, if only because He wants us to experience Him more fully. But how do we surrender to such a degree that this can become a reality?

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Something's in the air

I've got a feeling like something is going to happen. Things have been very much in a holding pattern since late January -- just kind of plodding along, waiting. But it feels like something is going to happen.

I just wish I knew what it was!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Pictures of Vacation '07

At long last -- pictures! Sorry the slideshow is a little long. I think it's in chronological order, at least more or less. Enjoy!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

One more...

It's our last night before we head back to WV and I wanted to drop by before I forget everything on the trip!

On Tuesday, we enjoyed the VA Air & Space Center. It was really interesting. They had lots of different flight simulators that we were able to check out. We got to see the original Apollo 12 command module -- that was pretty cool. Lots of interactive stuff for the kids to do. We spent most of the day there, then came back to the resort for more swimming.

That night, Jason and I drove back to the center to see Spiderman 3 in IMAX. It was an average movie, but it was gigantic and loud, so that helped it a lot. We were able to find the theater just fine, but getting home was less good. My parents go a different way pretty much every time they come to the resort, so we didn't know exactly where we were going and ended up very, very lost. A nice date night deteriorated into a tense situation while we drove around for nearly 2 hours, trying to find the resort. Add a lightening storm and a near-empty tank of gas and 2am, and it was not a pleasant experience.

On Wednesday we went over to Jamestown for the day. It's probably more interesting than it was when we were there. We went on a school day and as school is winding down, there were all kinds of classes there on field trips. It was an absolute mad-house. The kids were really good, but it was still pretty insane there. There were a lot more exhibits due to the 400th anniversary celebration, but mostly it was just very crowded. My biggest gripe about it was that very few of the "characters" there were concerned with any kind of historical accuracy in their costumes. Lots of nose rings, tattoos & modern glasses. I'm just a bit of a purist over stuff like that, so I didn't care for that. More swimming that evening.

Our adventure for the evening was that my folks went out for an hour and a bit so Jason and I could enjoy the jacuzzi in their room. After Jason and I had some "personal" time, we figured we'd unwind with a nice dip in the hot tub. We got into it and not 3 minutes after we turned the jets on, the fire alarm went off! It was the most piercing, high-pitched, ear-splitting noise I've ever heard in my life. It was absolutely horrific. Incredibly, the kids slept through it. Needless to say, our romantic trip to the hot tub was NOT very romantic.

Today, Mom & I went shopping. Woohoo! I picked up a few books at a discount Christian bookstore, a few things for Curves, more goldfish crackers (I just couldn't help it -- those things are awesome!) and bought Jason the gift I've been wanting to give him for years -- a "Braveheart" sword! It is absolutely awesome. It's got a wonderful leather handle and a just gorgeous blade. They had a beautiful Knight's Templar sword that was far more ornate, but he's been wanting that William Wallace sword since we saw the movie, so I was thrilled to be able to find one for a really good price. I'll be sure to get a pic of it posted soon.

Tonight Jason and I are hoping to go out for a late dessert at some restaurant after the kids are in bed. I'm afraid we may end up with food poisoning, but I think we're gonna' brave it anyway.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Hello from VA!

Greetings! Jason is letting me use the lappy, so I'm writing (Wrighting?) here in front of the lovely fountains at the resort, watching the geese fly in from all sides. We've been entertained by them most of the trip so far. There is one flock that has a whole bunch of young geese/goslings with it and it's quite fascinating to watch how protective the older geese are of the young ones.

So far the trip has been pretty wonderful. We made pretty good time on the trip down, making it in just about 7 hours (with several stops along the way). It rained most of the trip, which probably made it less wonderful for the drivers, but the kids travel well and overall, it was a pleasant visit. Due to the rain, we weren't able to do much last night other than go to bed early. Which, after many, many late nights in a row, wasn't all that bad!

Today was quite the busy day. We woke up and took the kids to the pool straightaway. It was pretty empty aside from our family, so we were able to torture the kids by making them go into the "big" pool. Everyone had a blast once they got going and the kids didn't want to leave when we finally packed up for lunch.

After lunch we went to the Yankee candle store where the kids got to dip candles, see Santa, watch a few singing mice and see indoor snow! Then we went to the Goldfish store and bought all kinds of PF Goldfish snacks. Yummy!

Got back to the resort, went swimming again and then ate some supper. After supper, watermelon, more geese and then to bed so we can do it all over again tomorrow. Actually, tomorrow calls for a trip to Langley to check out the Virginia Air & Space Center. It looks awesome.

The camera is in the car right now and my wireless signal is wiggy, and plus, I'm on vacation, so I'm outta' here.

Sunday, June 03, 2007


I have just a second here this morning before we head off to wish you a blessed week. I may have a minute to write while we're out and about, but if not, I look forward to catching up next week.

Be blessed and be a blessing!

Friday, June 01, 2007

Preparing for vacation

We're closing in on time for vacation. Sunday morning around 7am we're planning to pull out. I've got the kids' stuff packed. I still need to finish packing stuff for Jason and me, clean up the living room (although I'm hoping Jason will take care of that for me tonight!), bake some pepperoni rolls & get the car cleaned out to fold the back seat down. Nothing major, but with work in there, it feels like a lot to get prepared.

The kids are having their last day of school today. It's hard to beleive this school year is already over. Faith is getting excited about starting kindergarten in the fall and James is excited about becoming a "grader." I'm trying to get stuff organized for the summer so we have something to do in the mornings with the kids. I've been picking up some little crafts for rainy days and have been saving some money to get a summer pass to the local wave pool or to update our swing set.

Not too much to write about. Oh, the shift bid went well -- I'm on exactly the same shift I'm on right now. The rumors flying around now are that we'll be having another bid in about a month. I know missing some time here for vacation will probably hurt my stats, but so be it. I'm very, very ready for a break!

I'm not sure if I'll have a chance to write again before vacation, but I'll be sure to post some pics once we get back.
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