Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I am random

The end of the school year is definitely upon us. Field trips, school programs, lots of testing, all that good stuff. I love that we're closing in on warmer weather (though not for the past 3 days -- in some places in Morgantown, they had snow yesterday!!!), but of course, it means that the bedrooms are just flooded with clothes as we make "the switch" from winter to spring/summer. It's crazy. We have to see if any of the clothes from the older siblings fit the younger siblings. We have to weed out the small stuff. And we have to make sure we leave enough long stuff in the house so we're ready if the heat doesn't stick (which it usually doesn't yet). Plus then you have the thing where it's 45 when you send the kids to school in the morning and 79 when they come home -- how do you dress for that???

Anyway, with that, we also hit a little run of birthdays here, starting with Christopher's today! Yes, my baby turns FIVE today. I can't believe it! It certainly doesn't seem like it's been five years since he was born. It feels like just the other day that he didn't say anything except "bubba" (hence his nickname). I remember his birth pretty clearly and it just seems incredible to me that it was five years ago. In just a few months, he'll head off to kindergarten and my days as a SAHM will be at an end. Crazy!

Of course, next month is Deborah's TENTH birthday. That feels even MORE crazy! How can I have been a parent for 10 years? It just feels a little bit surreal. Great, most of the time, but still a bit strange!

Another jump -- funny Christopher story. Jason missed an appointment with his p-doc, and he's up for his yearly review, so he HAS to see the doctor, not a physician's assistant. Subsequently, one of his meds ran out and he has to wait a week or so for his prescription to be refilled. Needless to say, that has left him feeling pretty lousy for the past few days. So last night Jason was grabbing a little ice cream (Eddy's Slow Churned Raspberry Chocolate Chip -- yum!). Christopher saw and asked why he was having ice cream. I said that Daddy wasn't feeling well. Christopher said, "Ummm... I don't think ice cream will fix that." He had such an authoritative tone! Totally sounded like one of us. I loved it!

And finally, for the last non sequitur, I'm asking all of my 3 faithful readers to please check out Billy's blog over on the left. He's just 42 people away from hitting 2000 viewers this month. Plus, he's just got a really good blog and some kick-awesome pics. Billy is one of the campus ministers for our church and Jason (or Elwood, for those crazy college kids!) has had a chance to get to know him a bit over this past semester. His blog is great and you will be blessed and challenged by it. And even if you don't read it, at least give it a unique hit for him today! I know my blogging buddies know how nice it is to know that someone has looked at your ramblings!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Catching up

First, sorry for the lapse there. No good reason, just didn't feel like writing much lately.

Someone over at TMB linked to the blog Stuff Christians Like this morning, and I've been reading it all stinking day. The author is just absolutely brilliant. His other blogs are also worth checking out, but by all means, be sure to read through this one. On the face, it seems like it's just making fun of evangelicals like LarkNews or Ship of Fools, but it's much more than that (though I'm rarely disappointed by either of those sites!). The author has some really great insight into Christian living. I strongly recommend checking it out.

In family news, this weekend we took a trip up north. On Saturday, we all loaded into the car and drove to Pittsburgh to visit the Carnegie Museum. We went to the museum of Natural History and did a quick run through the Art Museum as well. We had a great time checking out the dinosaurs and the hall of minerals. The kids got to do an art project and we got to listen to a lecture on star dust (where James showed his space knowledge -- it was a hoot!). We even got to visit the travelling exhibit, The Scoop on Poop. It was a really fun day.

After we finished at the museum, we drove the rest of the way to visit my parents. We hadn't planned on making the trip, so we had to beg some clothes off of them, but it was fun nevertheless. We also got to visit Gram & Keek, which is always a good thing. Keek has been doing less good lately, so it was good to have a chance to visit with him again. We haven't been up in a long time, so I was glad we made the trip.

Today being earth day and also just a generally gorgeous day, I hung my first load of laundry up on the line to dry. It smells awesome! Honestly, I would have done it anyway -- now that spring seems to be here, I'm back outside with the laundry. I just love it.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Musical Mondays

I recently got a whole slew of music that the kids do on Sunday mornings. Tons of Passion songs and generally popular Christian music. Better than a lot of kids' cds simply because the songs weren't cut down from the regular length for the short attention spans of kids. They just let the kids listen to a four minute song like the rest of us. Great!

Anyway, while I'm listening to one of the cds, I heard a song starting with a very distinct Slinky sound. Suddenly, I'm flung back in time to 1980-something and a sleepover night at The Barn (and about half a dozen other youth-type events). Two guys -- one with a mass of blond curls, barefoot playing the guitar, and another bald guy, also barefoot playing the piano/keyboard. Awful singing, brilliant (if occassionally incomprehensible) lyrics. Lost And Found.

Growing up LCMS, the list of incredibly hip musicians was pretty short, and these guys were at the absolute top of it. They were as satirical as Steve Taylor, as witty as They Might Be Giants and as loving and caring as any pastor I knew. Time spent with Mike & George was guaranteed to be a good time. And no concert would be complete without a playing of their most famous song (and the one that inspired this trip down memory lane), Lions. Enjoy -- I know I did!!!

Oh them lions they can eat my body
But they can't swallow my soul [no no no]
They keep on trying to crash my party
But they can't get control [no no]
No way, baby, uh-uh [no, no no]

Satan prowls like a roaring lion [no no no no]
Seeking whom he will devour [no no no no no]
Yet I know that though he keeps on trying
He's no match for Jesus' power, baby

Oh them lions they can eat my body
But they can't (slinky!) swallow my soul [no no no]
They keep on trying to crash my party
But they can't get control [no no]
No way, baby, uh-uh [no, no no]

Even demons believe and tremble [no no no no]
But they try to ruin your life the same [no no no no]
Yet I know that when the saints assemble
Satan runs at every sign of Jesus' name, oh baby

Oh them lions they can eat my body
But they can't (slinky!) swallow my soul [no no no]
They keep on trying to crash my party
But they can't get control [no no]
No way, baby, uh-uh [no, no no]

Thursday, April 10, 2008


A couple of weeks ago, I stopped by a local yarn shop. It's been here in town for about a year, but I never went in. I had just finished reading The Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs (a really nice book, by the way) and was feeling a bit sentimental. It was absolutely charming! It's in an old house that hasn't really be converted at all. The bottom has a precious antiques store, and the upstairs is dedicated to the yarn.

So much yarn! It's absolutely breath-taking. There's no question that any birthday or Christmas or just extra money will be spent at this establishment! It's just so cute! And honestly, her prices just aren't too outrageous. When you figure the time and expense of simply getting to a good craft store around here, it would be a wash for money spent. I had 2 kids with me, or I could have spent hours in there enjoying the different textures, colors and smells. It was heavenly!
As I was getting ready to leave, the man working there mentioned that the owner hosts a knitting club once a week. I was ecstatic! I have been looking for a group to be with, both for friendship and some kind of shared love that isn't our kids (with the last one heading to school next year, my kid-centric life is definitely changing!). I appreciate my "mom friends" but I'm craving something else. Because our church is in another town and gas costs almost $3.50/gallon, it's been difficult to make friends with other women in church. So this is very exciting to me!
Jason gets home tonight at 6pm (his schedule got switched to a much more normal 9-6 shift, which is wonderful), so I'm going to attend my first meeting tonight. I've got a very simple wrap that I'm working on in some beautiful charcoal cashmere yarn. I'm going to take some other, less nice yarn with me, and see if someone can teach me another style of casting on (I can only do a long-tail cast on and I feel like I need to have a few more styles under my belt). And hopefully this group will encourage me to start that sweater that I've been wanting to do!

Monday, April 07, 2008

Musical Monday

I've been a little single-minded lately -- sorry about that! I'm doing another Hillsong United song this week. It's one that we've been doing in church for the past few weeks and one that the college students have been doing at H2O for a bit longer.

I feel blessed that I was brought up in a way that I knew God from a young age. As long as I can remember, I've known that there is a God in Heaven and that He loves me. But even with that knowledge, there have still been times when I have needed the rescue of my Savior. I believe that God's salvation is a one-time deal and that He has only needed to rescue me from Hell one time, but there is much more to life than simply existing until Heaven, and the best rescue that I have found has been in the arms of my Jesus.

This is a really simple lyric, but I think it's beautiful nonetheless. This is "Came To My Rescue."

Falling on my knees in worship
Giving all I am to seek Your face
Lord all I am is Yours

My whole lifeI place in Your hands
God of mercy, humbled I bow down
In your presence at Your throne

I called You answered
And You came to my rescue and I
I wanna be where You are

In my life be lifted high
In our world be lifted high
In our love be lifted high

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Sunday School funny

Seriously, you have to work with the kids to get the real gems.

Today the kids were talking about the Passover and what that was about. In the car ride home, James informed me that they had a small Passover meal, including grape juice and mozzarella bread (Matzah or Matzoh bread).

You can't write this stuff!

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Gimme a J!

...Gimme an O! Gimme a B! What's that spell? JOB!!!

Jason has a full-time, permanent job again! Just as his temporary job with the lottery is running out (Thursday was his last full day), he got a permanent job again. And what's extra crazy is that it's with his old company!!!

Apparently the owner was pretty upset that Jason's security clearance was denied due to his bipolar disorder, despite the fact that he's in treatment for it and leads a remarkably stable life. So he took the government to court and, incredibly, WON! Jason now has a full government secret security clearance and is back with his old company. He's in a lower position than he was when he left, but his salary is the same. We are absolutely ecstatic about how this has worked out! The only snag is that he's on night shift for a while (noon - 9pm), so the kids won't get to see him very much during the week. But that's a small price to pay for full-time employment at thist point!

Plus, now that he has a secret clearance with the government, it opens up a lot of opportunities for him if something DOES go wrong with the current contract. He's far more marketable now, which is just wonderful. He hopes to get back to school ASAP (hopefully next September) and finish up a degree as well.

I am just so in awe of the way God has run things in the past few months. Despite the lack of a permanent job, he only had to draw on unemployment for 3 weeks. We were able to use our tax return to pay off the last of our credit card debt, which means that the only debt we're carrying now is our mortgage. We have been able to continue our tithe throughout this ordeal. God has cared for us in so many ways. I feel incredibly blessed to have gone through this!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Squicked out! Warning -- this is a gross one!

I am hitting my limit on the utterly gross and detestable around here. We finished up with the lice, praise God, and it seems as though no one else shared that affliction. So, at least for this time, we seem to have that behind us.

But is the gross over? Of course not! It would appear that Fang has worms. As evidenced by a nasty, nasty stool this morning. I think this may have put me off spaghetti permanently. Ugh. Coco never had anything like that, so I have no experience with this particular pest. But wow. We're going to take him to the vet later this morning to get some deworming medicine and to go ahead and get his shots (or schedule an appointment to get his shots). I don't know how long it takes for what happened this morning to stop, but man, I hope it is fast acting!

Of course, heading to the vet has its own set of issues, as I have a sick kid here and home. Last night, Bubba spent the night coughing and puking. So today I've got all kinds of laundry to do for THAT.

Seriously, I have hit my absolute limit on gross. I know this is all common stuff and in and of itself, none squick me out too much, but all at once? It's just too much! I don't think there's enough scalding water in the house to wash the grody feeling off of me today!
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