Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Don't Panic!

Hey there froods!

In my sophomore year of high school, my friend Tina introduced me to Douglas Adams's "trilogy" (at that time only four books long), The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. We bought each of the books separately, one at a time, and passed them between us. This is the first set of books that I remember actually reading and laughing out loud as I read. I'm sure books had made me smile before then, and maybe even a soft chuckle, but this was the first I remember a book eliciting deep laughter. Everything about that series makes me happy.

Today is Towel Day. The purpose is to celebrate the life of Douglas Adams. Though he was a pretty prolific author, his most well-known work is definitely the Hitchhiker series. If you haven't read the books, you need to get right on that. And if you have, well then, you know just how hoopy they really are.

"Six by nine. Forty two."
"That's it. That's all there is."
"I always thought something was fundamentally wrong with the universe."
For thoughts on what you can do to celebrate, be sure to check out this link.

What kind of towel are you carrying with you today? What's your favorite Douglas Adams moment (gratuitous quoting encouraged)? 
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