Monday, June 07, 2010

Musical Monday

Today is a special Musical Monday for me. This is the first time that I've featured a song that you can't go download on iTunes or at Amazon. But since I heard it a year or so ago, I've been meaning to post this. Thanks to my friend Brent Jackson for allowing me to share this with you!

Brent had the following to share about writing this song:
I wrote Reflecting during a season where I felt like I was getting a lot of personal attention and recognition for leading worship and singing in church. I felt a strange pressure to keep up with people's expectations or become a version of me that I knew was less than authentic. When Moses came down from the mountain after talking to God, his face glowed. Moses wasn't the source, just the surface - the instrument. In the same way, our lives shine when God is using them for His glory. I wanted to write a song that assured people whatever good they've seen in me has been through the Spirit's presence in my life.
I think trying to live up to the hype is something that most Christians struggle with at one time or another. We'll do something in our church or in our community simply as a ministry. Our intentions are good. And a few people compliment us on it. And we keep doing it. Which is good. But at some point, we start to think that we're really pretty dang awesome and we lose the plot.

Which isn't to say that I think we can never accept a compliment. I believe God wants us to do what we do well and I think we can say "thank you" without getting all squirrelly (shout out to my folks and sisters!). But I think this song is a great reminder for us to keep our hearts in the right place. That little check is always a good thing to do.

Enjoy Brent's song Reflecting (and feel free to click through to the video and leave him a comment!).

what turns it on and off again, this light inside?
out here on my own, I'm shapeless stone
as dark as night

when you look at me, I wish you'd see all you miss
this pale and cratered heart, struck from the start
by a world's cruel kiss

catching just a glimpse now and again

so if you ever thought you've seen a light in me
He is reflecting
the sun shines on the moon and me
the beauty comes in the reflecting

lying on my back, I stare up at, a masterpiece 
a universe that looms, and one bright moon
that smiles at me

and catches just a glimpse now and again

so if you ever thought you've seen a light in me
He is reflecting
the Son shines on the moon and me
the beauty comes in the reflecting

a light shines bright for all to see
and though it's misleading, this light that your seeing,
it's not me

How do you keep your heart focused on God while still being gracious in accepting compliments? Do you ever use God as a means of false modesty?

Also, I'd love to do more local/independent music. If you have any suggestions, shoot me an email. Thanks!
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