Saturday, June 05, 2010

Sappy Saturday

When I was still in high school my hair started turning grey. I remember being on a band trip and plucking the first of my grey hairs. Certainly not cool, but whatever. I was a grown-up and I have plenty of grey-haired relatives.

In high school I had my first try at coloring my hair. I dyed my hair black at Camp Happy, which probably was the beginning of hair woes with my parents. Later, I went with a plum color in my hair with my good friend Tommy P. I probably let my natural color come in most of the time, and I believe that most of those early dyes were barely permanent and washed out after a few weeks. I used Sun-In one summer, which was as close as I ever came to being blonde. Though I don't think you could possibly call what I was "blonde."

When I got into college, my hair began to grey at a more alarming rate. I colored my hair a bit more frequently, but still let my then natural color through every now and again. When Jason and I started dating, he told me that he liked natural hair color better, so I mostly stopped coloring my hair (thank heavens he got over that!).

Once I was married and children started coming, I have become a full-time color-er. Since then, I've been most shades of red I can find, black, black & gold (when the Steelers went to the Super Bowl a few years ago), blue & purple. At this point, my hair is more grey than brown. When I don't color for a while, it is quite evident. Right now I'm pretty well settled in with Clairol's Herbal Essences Color Me Vibrant #44 (Paint the Town).

So today, thank you to chemist Lawrence Gelb for allowing me to look my age (or maybe a year or two younger???) rather than 15 years my senior. I am profoundly grateful.

And just for kicks and giggles, a little bit of the history of hair coloring.
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