Friday, June 25, 2010

Worlds Colliding

In the interest of full disclosure, the world might end on Monday.

A few months ago Rich was having a crappy day and I asked Tina to shoot him a little razzle dazzle. She took it one step further and sent him a note on Facebook and the two of them became Facebook friends. Which was awesome because these are two of the funniest people I know (rule #1 of being a full-featured friend). Watching their online interactions is one of my favorite things.

So anyway, last night I was texting with Rich about some music that we're playing in church this weekend and he directed me to a discussion that he and Tina were having on Facebook. We've somehow got into this whole thing where, as my two best friends, one of them is surely an evil bff (you don't have to understand it -- just know that it's so). Rich texts me that Tina is hilarious (true) and I said that we so needed to get together and meet in real life.

Then all of a sudden, things started happening. And the next thing I know, we're making plans to get together on Monday morning for coffee!

My mind has absolutely been racing. On one hand, this could be one of the top 5 moments in bff history, or bfftory, if you will. Three friends finally having the opportunity to sit down in one caffeine-infused moment, sharing laughs and lattes. I mean, that's practically a 90's sitcom right there. And that was a golden time for sitcoms, let me tell you.

But on the other hand, if one of these two is, in fact, an evil bff, then clearly getting them together in real life is a very dangerous proposal. We could have this matter/anti-matter thing happen and it destroys everything. And speaking of 90's sitcoms, the best one ever already gave us some idea about what might happen if world's collide.

Mostly I think this is just going to be flippin' awesome.

But just in case the world does end, I'll take full responsibility.
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