Monday, July 19, 2010

Musical Monday

I've been in a remarkably good mood lately. Things are pretty nuts around here with some kid bickering, and I miss hanging out with Jason, but overall, I've been feeling pretty good.

Yesterday Jason and I were spending a little time together and I asked him for some suggestions for today's Musical Monday, and we couldn't come up with anything that really looked very interesting to me. Some good songs, but by artists I'd already recently featured (yeah, I know I just did two Dave Matthews songs in a row -- deal with it people!). Or songs I've already done (years of Musical Mondays means I've done a fair number of awesome songs). Or songs I wanted to get more informations about before featuring. So I started thinking about some kind of classic/traditional song I could post.

With all of that, I got back to thinking that I've been feeling pretty happy lately. So I started going through my mental repertoire of happy songs not performed by The Cure and On the Sunny Side of the Street came to mind. I love that song. And apparently a lot of other people do too, because when I started clicking around on YouTube, I found a TON of awesome recordings of it. Seriously, picking a video to accompany today's song has been almost as awful as picking the song itself!

So I'm not doing it. Here are some links to my favorite half-dozen or so recordings that I heard this morning. There are some serious gems in there. It's a rainy day here in my part of the world, but I want to invite you to the sunny side of the street for at least a few minutes! Have a great day!

Ella Fitzgerald & Count Basie

Stevie Wonder

Frank Sinatra

Willie Nelson

Count Basie Orchestra (piano)

Judy Garland

Louis Armstrong

What's your favorite happy song? Are there any glaring omissions that I made to my list of Sunny Side recordings?
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