Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sappy Saturday

The middle kids have been feeling a bit left out, since their siblings have already had posts written about them, so I'm going to forgo my normal "wait until it's your birthday" thing and write about them the next two weeks. And since she has been hounding me for a Sappy Saturday post with more vigor, Miss Faith gets to go first!

Faith Jubilee is our third child and she is the one who was probably the biggest surprise to us. James was just a few months old and I was feeling stretched pretty thin being a parent of two kids. And now here we were about to start down the whole pregnancy thing again.

And then, in the evening of January 1, 2002, my second daughter was born. Deborah and James looked very similar, but there was Faith, this tiny little girl with a head full of curls. She captured our hearts then and has never let go.

When I told Faith that I was going to write a Sappy Saturday for her, she asked what I was going to write about. The thing that is most endearing to me about her is her wild imagination, so I told her that I was going to write about how imaginative she is. She was worried though, because at the time, her imagination had run away. To Hawaii. All of my kids have a pretty strong imagination, but Faith's really goes to town. Just a few days ago when Jason was putting her to bed, she told him about the hierarchy of her stuffed animals. Which ones were the most in charge, which ones were still new. She got a new stuffed tiger at summer camp a few weeks ago (Blizz, a white tiger) and she told us all that it took a full week to train her to be a good animal. Her Littlest Pet Shop animals have huge contests to determine which among them will be princess for a day.

Faith is also my shy child. Where the other three will strike up a conversation with just about anyone, Faith is far more likely to hang back and watch. But once she does warm up to you, it can be hard to get her to stop talking! We'll go for hours without her talking at all and then all of a sudden, she'll spend the next hour telling me about the fairy races that she's been organizing, including all of the rules, the names of the fairies, who was disqualified, who was injured -- just a long-running monologue about these things. It's really fantastic. I have to soak up those moments when they come, because they can be much more rare than with the other kids.

Faith is my child who reminds me of the importance of play. She reminds me of the importance of being quiet. She reminds me of the joy of storytelling.

She's the child I didn't expect, but she's a child I can't imagine my life without. I am so blessed to be her mom! I love you Faithy girl!
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