Saturday, August 07, 2010

Sappy Saturday


I love vacations. There's just something about getting away from the everyday goings on that is just really nice. Even when Jason and I have just done little weekend jaunts up to Pittsburgh or even simply to Morgantown, there's something about getting away from the house and responsibility that is just delightful.

We're heading out tomorrow morning (very, very early) for this year's family vacation. We're heading to Lake Lure in North Carolina for a few days. Our family is spending the week with the rest of my extended family (my parents, my sisters and their families). I'm looking forward to it.

One of the really fun things that we've started doing on our extended family vacations is to have a talent show. Have you seen Dan in Real Life? Yeah, we do that. Okay, we don't try to steal each other's spouses or anything like that, but we do dress up in costumes (well, some of us), we do skits and we sing. We're just performing for each other, but we have a blast. We've been working on our contribution a good bit this week and we're pretty excited about it. I think Deborah and I are the most pumped, but we're managing to get some others on board as well.

Mostly I'm looking forward to vegging out at the pool, playing some games with my sisters, brothers-in-law, hubby and parents, and just enjoying time with people that I love. I'm really blessed to have a family that gets along well (most of the time, anyway!).

The blog won't go dark while I'm gone -- I've got a few things set to auto-publish (first time using that feature, so we'll see how that works!). One asks you tons of questions, so I expect to have a nice full inbox when I get home from all of the comments! ;-D

Have a great week friends!
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