Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sappy Saturday

This has been a year of appliance replacement. New dryer, new refrigerator, new microwave. Jason and I have been married 13 years and most of these things were used when we got them, so that they all gave up the ghost at the same time wasn't tremendously surprising to us. Certainly wish the timing was spaced out a bit more, but still.

We do still have one item from our wedding that is in working order and gets used every day.

Our alarm clock.

Our 13 year old Sony dual-alarm digital clock still works.

When Jason and I got married, we were young and had not yet lived on our own, so we needed everything. I didn't bother registering for our wedding because honestly, we just needed it all. And people were incredibly generous. We got pretty much everything that we needed to get started as a married couple. And one of the items that we received was this clock.

Since then, I would say that basically everything that we received from our wedding has been replaced. I don't think we use any of the towels, except for maybe one or two as rags. A number of the dishes broke and the remainder were given away. The flatware was changed out for something I like a little better. That coffee maker died 3 or 4 machines ago. The glasses shattered. Most of the art has been put away.

But the clock remains. It reliably wakes me up at 6:10am to get the kids ready for school and it reliably goes off in an attempt to wake my husband 4 hours later so HE can go to school. Some day we will no doubt need to replace it as well, but for now, it shines forth as brightly today as it did the first time we plugged it in when we lived in the retirement village where we had our first apartment.

Do you have any appliances that you feel a weird connection to or that trigger happy memories?
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