Wednesday, September 01, 2010

The Beatdown

A Major Award
Right before I left for vacation Rich called and asked if I was available that Thursday evening for a talent show Under Shelter was considering participating in for the band portion. Jason and I decided that if we left NC a bit earlier than we had originally planned, we would be able to make it back to WV in plenty of time for me to rest a bit and then go play the gig. The grand prize was $500 and we were looking to buy a new wireless microphone and those run close to that amount, so if we could win, that would be awesome.

The night of the performance, we were informed that we were the only band that was performing. No problem. There were still soloists and variety acts and dance acts, so we would still be competing.

Yeah, what we didn't know was that there were no age limits on who could compete. So we show up with all of our gear to this competition and who we see is this:


Honestly and truly, we competed in this talent show against a little 6 year old girl who looked almost exactly like Cindy Lou Who. Okay, there were some other adults, but honestly, little Cindy Lou Who is who I will always remember when I think back about this experience. 

And yes, we did win. And we'll be ordering our new microphone, which will be sweet. But really, the victory felt pretty much like this:

Here we are with the biggest of our three (THREE!!) major awards. Don't we look special?
The victors. Kind of.
What "major awards" have you won? Can be an actual accomplishment, but a major embarrassment story would be nice so I don't feel quite so alone here!
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