Friday, September 03, 2010

The Big Time

A month or so ago Tina sent me a picture of a shirt she spied while she was out shopping that said "Internet Celebrity." It was right around the time my blog was picking up a bit more traffic (thanks to newer readers for stopping by -- you're awesome! And you old-timers, well, you already KNOW you're awesome!), and the pic totally made me smile.

But honestly, I do have to wonder how you know that you've reached the big time on the internets. I mean, there are some things that are pretty obvious like hundreds of comments on every post and analytics that tell you that X thousand people are visiting your site each day, but to really, TRULY hit the big time, I think there are things that are far more important than the number of visitors and comments.

  1. People can't wait to be first to comment on your posts. In fact, people will comment with nothing more to say than, "First comment!" 
  2. You're important enough to receive an open letter. Jonathan Acuff received an open letter. Clearly that is a massive indicator of his popularity as a blogger. And really the angrier, the better. However, if it becomes a full-on manifesto, you might want to hire a bodyguard. People who write those can be a little nutso.
  3. They have such a following that they overflow their Facebook limit of 5000 friends and move to a like page (I liked it better when they were fan pages, but I'm not important enough for my opinion to matter). 
  4. People seem to think that it's important for you to know that they're going to unfollow you on Twitter. I love seeing popular bloggers retweet some of the unfollow messages that people send out. I've had people unfollow me, but I still don't matter enough for them to tell others that they're unfollowing. But I can dream, right?
  5. They don't have to resort to posts about zombies or robots. Their work tends to stand on its own.
  6. They can band together with other amazing bloggers and start a revolution. Only, not the bad kind, but rather the kind that gives 800,000,000,000 glasses of water to people who don't have something safe to drink.
So what did I miss here? What are other signs that indicate that you're blog is now in the big time?
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