Thursday, September 09, 2010

Courageous Christians

Yesterday my friend Hemant Mehta (I hope he doesn't mind that I call him a friend -- I know we've never met, but I like to think we'd get along pretty well IRL) twote an interesting fill in the blank:
"It takes real courage for a Christian to _______."

His post compiling these answers went up this morning. It includes things like:

  • It takes real courage to publicly express doubts about your faith and admit that Christianity doesn't have all of the answers it claims to have.
  • It takes real courage to let your children decide for themselves what religion (if any) they want to belong to.
  • It takes real courage to realize that Christians are no more moral than people of other faiths or no faith.
  • It takes real courage to say that an atheist won the debate you just watched.
It's an interesting list. And honestly, I find myself reflected in a lot of it, so it's easy for me to say, "Yup, that's a great list!"

But as a Christian, I think it's lacking.

It misses people like Jason Russell, Laren Poole & Bobby Bailey who founded Invisible Children after they saw children being turned into soldiers in northern Uganda. 

It misses people like Blake Mycoskie who created TOMS, where when you buy a pair of shoes, they provide another pair of shoes to a child who doesn't have any. 

It misses people like Jake Harriman who saw that a way to end terrorism is to end extreme poverty, one community at a time and founded Nuru

These people were inspired by their faith to make changes in the world. They looked at injustice, saw a way to help and did it. And continue to do it every day.

And there are smaller things too. People who work in their local homeless shelters and soup kitchens. People who donate time to visit the elderly in nursing homes. People who take a meal to a family who lost a loved one. People who sit up on the phone all night with a friend who is just feeling sad and just needs to talk. People who live out their faith.

I think that takes some courage as well. Courage against potential failure. Courage against potential illness. Courage against potential rejection.

I'm very lucky to know a number of courageous Christians. 

How would you answer Hemant's question? Who are some of the courageous Christians that you know?
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