Wednesday, September 08, 2010

The Right to Bully

When I told Jason what I was writing about today, I told him that the main reason I didn't want to write it was because honestly, I just didn't want to sit through watching this 10 minute clip again.

Citizen Link (Focus on the Family's political arm) really has its panties in a wad over the potential amendment to the Safe-Schools Improvement Act (H.R. 2262) wherein language would be included to help schools add bullying prevention programs. Preventing bullying doesn't seem to be all bad, but the proposed amendment includes sexual orientation (either actual or perceived) as part of it and apparently, we should be allowed to call kids names if they're gay or appear to be gay.

Candi Cushman postulates that this bill will allow require schools to teach your Kindergarteners about gay people. That seems to be the one that gets people riled up pretty well. If a Kindergarten student calls another kindergarten student a fag and that kid is reprimanded, then the teacher will have to explain just how gay sex works. Sneaky, sneaky gay agenda (And seriously? We're still saying that? I thought that went out of fashion like, years ago. Get a gay friend to at least stay current with the language, people!).

The above video also plays very heavily into fears that Christianity will be a problem that there will be no protections for people who want to continue to bully gay kids (or kids who SEEM to be gay -- like my son who has been called "gay" before -- though I have to say I'm super proud of him for standing up and saying that there wouldn't be anything wrong with that even if he WAS gay -- booyah!). Of course, Citizen Link doesn't mention anywhere in the video or on the recap on their site that another protected class is "religion." Which means that all of those meany gay kids can't pick on the Christian kids and NO ONE gets to have any bullying fun!

I read over at and what I see there is what the bill is about. I know that these folks don't REALLY think that bullying is okay. I know that they don't REALLY believe that we're going to be teaching Kindergarteners about the finer points of gay sex.

So what is the deal here? Is it really a "secret" agenda that gay people think being bullied is a bad thing? Is it bad for children to know, yes, even in Kindergarten, that gay people exist?

All I know is that I hear a lot about loving "the sinners", but I can't see the loving upside of opposing this bill. It just comes across as...bullying.

What do you think about the Safe-Schools Act? If you disagree with it, why? If you support it, why?
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