Saturday, September 04, 2010

Sappy Saturday

Last night Under Shelter played up in Morgantown at Rhythm & Brews. We've been working to book a few more gigs this year and part of that is branding and getting our name out a bit more (our name is Under Shelter. We're a kick-awesome top-40 dance band and we'd love to play for your next event -- we travel, we're fun, and we've got the dance floor covered. Call me.).

I love that I've had the opportunity to do this for the past year. These folks are crazy fun to hang out with, amazingly talented and making music with them is just fantastic. I would hang out with them anyway and that I get to hang out with them doing something that I love is very cool.

But there is one member of our band that I have to give major props. 

Most days she is just a family vehicle. She hauls kids to school, picks up groceries, runs various errands. But occasionally she gets transformed into a total rockmobile. The pop-tart crumbs and booster seats get cleared out and she gets all loaded up with amplifiers, subwoofers, microphones, instruments and all manner of rock paraphernalia. We've perfected our packing such that our whole sound system, my rig and all of Rich's gear fit with room to spare. Her roomy mini-van ways make her the perfect band bus. Despite the rigors that we put her through, her only complaint is when I ran her breaks into the ground and had to replace them (I still forget that all of that gear is HEAVY and is far more brutal on her breaks than my family). The rest of the time, she quietly sits in the parking lot, waiting for us to descend on her and ask her to take us where we're going.

Reliable, quiet, non-dramatic. The perfect band member.
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