Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sappy Saturday

Honestly, I know next to nothing about the immigration debate. I've never lived in a state where it's an issue. I have a tremendously ethnically homogeneous community of friends. I have never worked hard labor. I will fully admit to my liking of the following video is based wholly on an emotional response, not one that I have studied out (though it has caused me to look at the issue some more in the past day than I probably ever have before).

If you don't want to watch all 10 minutes, please at least watch the last minute. Colbert almost never breaks character on film, yet he does here. And it is really powerful.

I know that some have criticized bringing a comedian/satirist in to speak in front of Congress. I can understand that, as it does seem to demean the process (not that it needs much help at this point). However, his appearance has people talking about more than just "illegal immigration" and focuses more keenly on migrant workers. He has helped to humanize a group that is usually just considered in terms of their citizenship status.

I'm posting this as a Sappy Saturday because he made me tear up at the end. And because I don't think of "law-breakers" as my brothers and sisters nearly often enough. So this was a little kick in the pants for me.

Anyway, have a great weekend. Thanks for stopping by!

Do you have any thoughts about immigration reform? Do you have any resources that I should read?
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