Sunday, September 12, 2010

Stuff I've Been Reading

Links to some of the interesting things I've found on the internets this week. Click through and enjoy the goodness!
  • Bryan Allain wrote about a letter that he wrote to himself 3 years ago, mostly just telling himself to get up and DO something. A good reminder when we're tempted to let fear (or laziness) keep us from working.
  • Nicole Wick shared her thoughts on Focus on the Family's stance on the Safe-Schools Improvement Act. This is definitely one to read the comments on -- tons of great dialog there. 
  • Rebecca Ramsey writes a really whimsical piece about the power of our words. Loved this one!
  • Shawn Smucker wrote a fantastic essay about the flagship verse for many evangelical Christians and why it may be the wrong one. Really thought provoking.
  • Dr. Robert Cargill wrote a guest piece on Jason Boyett's blog. This is a long one, but wow. I highly, highly recommend reading it. Some spectacular thoughts.
  • Justin Topp asks what the difference is between something being impossible or incompatible with the Christian faith.
  • Brett Barner celebrated one year of blogging. Stop by and wish him a happy blogiversary!
What did you read/write/listen to/watch this week that moved you? Please share links to your stuff -- I love finding new things to read!
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