Sunday, September 19, 2010

Stuff I've Been Reading

Links to some of the stuff that I've been reading over the course of the week. Click on through and enjoy the goodness!
  • Phil Plait wrote one of the best 9/11 posts ever. I hope he reposts it every year from now on.
  • Leonard Pitts wrote a spectacular article about extremism and how reasonable debate is losing to ridiculous extremism from all sides.
  • Kristen wrote a lovely post about being kind, even when we don't feel like it.
  • Nakedpastor drew a stunning cartoon. I LOVE the dual perspective on this one.
  • Jamie Wright had a birthday. You should stop by and make her feel better, since I revealed to her that even though she is younger than me, she writes much, much older than I do. Plus, she's super awesome and you should be reading her blog.
  • Shawn Smucker is quickly becoming one of my very favorite bloggers. He wrote a fantastic piece about the power of kindness
  • Rachel Held Evans hosted the 8th Letter Synchroblog over at her site. I really enjoyed all of them, but don't miss the posts by Matt Appling, Elle Pyke and Liz Dyer
Also, please don't forget about the 30 bloggers, 30 days, $30,000 water campaign. They're not quite a third of the way to their goal and the month is running out. Scrounge around the cushions, wrap up some loose change, skip a dinner out, ditch pop for a week -- whatever you can to find a little cash to donate. Every dollar counts.

What have you read/written/watched/listened to this week that has moved you? Feel free to link to your own blog!
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