Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Where's Alise?

Guess where I am?

Incredibly, I'm NOT at my desk right now.

Yesterday, I woke up and went to check my email, as I usually do. I hit the spacebar on my sleeping computer and went to brew some coffee. Came back to the desk and the computer hadn't started up. I hit the spacebar again AND moved the mouse. (I'm nothing if not technically savvy.) Still nothing.

I figured it had been a long time since I'd rebooted the machine (remember back when we turned computers off instead of letting them sleep?), so I unplugged the machine and let it rest for a minute. Plugged it back in and...nothing. The monitor didn't even register that it was hooked up to the computer. Jason had done a lot of work on the computer recently, so I figured that it was probably just something I screwed up, so I wasn't too worried about it. I did the couple of things I needed to do on his computer and then packed up the kids in the car to make a trip to PA to visit my family. I figured he'd take a look at it when he woke up, fix it and I'd be back in business by the end of the week at the latest. Probably sooner, since he's quite good at the whole "fixing computers" thing.

I sent him a text once I got up to Sarver, just to let him know we had made it safely and to let him know I love him (which I totally do) and he sent a text back saying that he loved me (which he totally does) and that the motherboard on the computer died and it was totally done. *sob*

The visit with my parents and Gram was very nice. Megan & Justin were up there as well and the kids all had a good time playing together, as they always do. And really, even though I was bummed about the computer, we have several computers in the house and I was sure I'd be able to snag one that the kids use and plug it in downstairs until we figured something out. Not ideal, but not the worst thing in the whole world.

When we finally pulled in at home, Jason was out to greet us and help me bring in stuff sent home from my parents. I walk through the door and what do I see sitting on my desk but a pretty new laptop for me!

Seriously, this guy. He loves the surprise (particularly if it can happen quickly, like last year with my new chair) and he knows that I adore being surprised. And he, as always, completely delivered.

So beware. My thoughts are now mobile!

Oh, and this is is my favorite "new laptop" video ever. Makes me giggle every time.

What was one of the best surprises you ever got?
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