Monday, October 18, 2010

Musical Monday

I've posted a lot of really great songs here on Musical Mondays. I've been able to talk to some amazing artists (and that continues next week -- woohoo!). But my favorite has been when I've been able to feature songs by friends and people that I know personally. I love the opportunity to share my friends' music. Makes me super happy. But today's post is like an extra dose of happy for me.

Chuck is a friend of mine from college. He also played the sax (though significantly better than me). I got to know him through various band activities (we were both in the marching band and in the jazz band together), and I got to accompany him a few times for performance hours in school. If my memory serves me correctly, he was the one who designed our sax line co-ed naked t-shirts (remember those? Our slogan was "It takes two hands to play OUR instrument!" Classy.).

A couple of years ago we reconnected through Facebook and our blogs. It's been interesting to catch up with him and see some of the similarities and differences that have cropped up in our lives. It's also good to know that despite difficulties, his sense of humor is well intact. (I'm hoping that we'll both be laughing at Scott Pilgrim vs. The World on November 9th. It would be nice to know that we're sharing a moment even far apart.)

Anyway, part of Chuck's talent as a musician is that he's also a songwriter. One of the projects that he's been doing is a Friend Cycle where he writes a song about various friends. Incredibly, I made the list!

I cannot even begin to express how totally stoked I was (and still am!). This is seriously one of the coolest things anyone has done for me.

We both are pretty huge They Might Be Giants fans, so he tried to make it a Giant-esque song. I think he absolutely nailed it (my kids, who are also fans, agreed). My favorite line: The hasty critics criticize our critical criteria. Awesome.

So here it is. Enjoy! Thanks so much Chuck! (Head over here to listen.)

Alise (Which is Damascus)
Alise, Alise, she accompanies my piece

perhaps the niece of someone who may like Canada geese.
The ivories, the black and whites, she tickles them with ease
she will not rest until the best performance does appease.
The hasty critics criticize our critical criteria.
She took a quiz and memorized the capital of Syria,

Which is Damascus! (x4)
We move the gems and are each other’s major competition.
She pets a lucky rabbit foot because of superstition.
I made that last part up because I needed a good rhyme.
We haven’t seen each other face to face for quite some time.
We may indeed meet once again inside a cafeteria
where we’ll discuss our knowledge of the capital of Syria.

Which is Damascus! (x4)

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