Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Trizzle to Washingtizzle

My apologies for what follows. I know a white girl from West-by-God-Virginia shouldn't write this post. Or maybe I'm the single most qualified person EVER to write it. Feel free to judge me.


Snoop Dogg and a Sizzle
Yesterdizzle Richizzle and I went to visit T-nizzle in Washingtizzle, Pennsylvizzle. We haven't made the trizzle since my b-dizzle. The main reason it's been a whizzle is because my frizzles are bizzle peepizzles.

Anywizzle, we drove up in the mornizzle. It was absolizzle gorgizzle. The leaves were a vast array of rizzle, yizzle and orange. The carizzle had a full tizzle of gas and my spirizzles were hizzle.

We arrived in Washingtizzle at the Cafe B-nizzle. We ordered our cappucizzles and sat down at the tabizzle for some good old-fashioned discushizzle. We drizzled our cappucizzles, talked and, of course, lizzled.

Hanging out with my bizzle frizzles is always a good tizzle. I think it's because they know me so wizzle. I can be totally myself with these peepizzles that makes me happizzle. Being known and loved anyway is pretty specizzle.

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