Monday, October 18, 2010

New Site Mascot

Okay, so I know I've been a little bit neurotic about the blog design, but I'm truly, finally finished. This is how it shall be! (Well, for a good little bit, anyway.)

I want to thank Laura Greene of Eight Days Designs for her delightful design for my blog. I was basically no help to her, since graphic design is something I don't do. To take instructions that boil down to, "I like dark colors, nothing too cutesy, and my blog is about faith and robots," and turn it into this is awesome. I think it conveys just the right amount of terror one should feel when stopping by here (which I'm pretty sure is "none at all.").

Laura is new to the blog design game, but her stuff is great. You can check out her portfolio here. She runs deals pretty often, so following her on the Twitters is probably a good idea!

If you decide to hire her, be sure to tell her that Big Mama's killer robot sent you.

Also, I think the new mascot needs a name. I've got a $5 Amazon gift card for the person who comes up with the name that my family likes best. You have until noon October 31st to come up with one. Go!

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