Tuesday, October 12, 2010


A month and a half ago my sister Megan asked me to write some monologues for a Bible study she was leading at her church about perfectionism. She wanted something from two different kinds of perfectionists: the more typical perfectionist motivated by fear to make everything outwardly neat and tidy, and the perfectionist who is paralyzed by fear and is unable to do anything because if it can't be done exactly the way they want that it won't get done at all.

As perfectionist type 2, it took me down past the deadline to actually finish writing these. And on Sunday night when Megan did them, I was a hot mess of nerves. Which is pretty entertaining, since the whole thing was about perfectionism and basically how we compare ourselves to others. *sigh*

Anyway, below I've posted the two videos. The video quality is not great and the audio is pretty low, so you may need to crank up your sound, but Megan did a great job with them. I've also included some of the questions that she wrote for her study group after the videos. Let us know what you think!



What commonalities exist between these two women? How were you able to relate to them? Read Matthew 11:28-30. Do you believe either of these women were at rest? Why is rest so elusive? How can we experience God's rest in our lives today?
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