Saturday, October 09, 2010

Sappy Saturday

Today's Sappy Saturday is something that more people need to know about. Truly, everyone who has access to the internet should know about it.

Honestly, at this point in the game, I'm a little surprised that more people don't know about But given that I've seen several friends sending along the "this October has five Fridays, Saturdays &, Sundays and it won't happen again for 800 years" I guess some people still don't know about it.

Snopes is a great website, run by two amazing people. Barbara and David Mikkelson have been running this website since the early days of the internet back in 1995. An old friend Ellie introduced me to them when I was first really diving into the internet (between 1997 & 1998) and they have been a trusted resource since then.

So what should you check there?

Everything. Does what you're reading sound amazingly gross? Check it. Does it promise something really incredible? Check it. Does it sound so offensive that you can't imagine anyone would say that? Check it. Does the picture look super fake? Check it.

Seriously. This site has been around for fifteen years and has an awesome track record. Additionally, they have a spectacular message board which is another resource if the site hasn't been updated with the information that you're looking for.

I love this site. You should love it too.

What's your favorite fact checking site?
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