Sunday, October 10, 2010

Stuff I've Been Reading

Here are some links to interesting things I've been reading this week. Click on through and let me (and them!) know what you think!
  • Tamara writes a great piece about opposite-sex friendships. No right or wrong answers -- just an interesting take on them.
  • Kely Braswell wrote a very funny piece about Twitter fails. You should follow him on the Twitter -- he's quite entertaining. 
  • Matthew Paul Turner "embellishes" a letter written to pastors, encouraging them to get political here in a couple of weeks. He makes me snicker when I want to throw stuff through windows.
  • Then Matthew wrote a really touching piece about LGBT bullying. I don't generally feature two posts by the same person, but this is worth it IMO.
  • Matt Appling celebrates his two year blogging anniversary. Be sure to stop by and wish him well!
  • Ed Cyzewski wrote about rest and measuring up. Don't miss this one.
  • And on the off chance that you aren't my facebook friend or don't have a facebook friend who posts funny vids, check out Grover as the Old Spice Guy. Spectacular.

What have you read/written/watched/listened to this week that moved you? Please feel free to share your own blog -- I love finding new things to read!
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