Sunday, October 17, 2010

Stuff I've Been Reading

This is some of the stuff I've been reading this week. Give it a click and enjoy!

  • Jon Acuff's recap of the Friday challenge to his readers. Seriously, this stuff makes me cry. Love it.
  • A couple of my favorite blogs are offering a chance to pimp your blog. Check out Matt Appling, Bryan Allain and Jamie Wright for a chance to get your blog (or another favorite) out there. 
  • Rachel Held Evans announced her second book this week. I'm super stoked, even though we're going to have to wait SO LONG to read it.
  • Rich Chaffins shows once again why his luthier business is growing. Not just because his guitars are beautiful and sound good, but because he's a really thoughtful artist as well.
  • Reader Maura shared her story about depression on Beyond Postpartum. 
  • Filter Fast featured my Blog Action Day post. Check out some of the others that were featured. My personal favorite was the post from Iced Tea and Sarcasm.
  • Kristen Tennant wrote a wonderful piece about how those of us in the faith community might learn to interact with those outside. Very thought-provoking.
  • My sister Megan has a new blog (which went live a little while ago, not just this week). If you have preschool kids, you will definitely want to check this out. She's a tremendously creative woman and mom.
What have you read/written/watched/listened to this week that moved you? Please feel free to share your own blog -- I love finding new things to read!
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