Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sappy Saturday

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One of my very favorite things to do is knitting and crocheting. Today I'm doing a craft show and trying to sell a few of my wares (if you're in the area, stop by -- it's a great show with lots of awesome crafters, including my good friend Misty who is selling her soaps!). Mostly I do that to support my habit of buying more yarn to inflict my friends and family with handmade gifts. They're all very lucky to have me and the yarn-y goodness I supply.

Crocheting in particular reminds me of my grandmother (my mom's mom). I remember sitting with her on the couch about 6 or 7 years ago and finally having her teach me how to crochet. She gave me my first skein of yarn and my first needle and showed me the basics. Chaining. Single crochets. Double crochets. Simple stitches that together can create all kinds of interesting things. And I love that it was (and still is) a way for me to connect with her.

Now knitting and crochet are things I do for fun, but probably not to the degree that I did in the past. When my kids were younger and I was just learning to crochet, my favorite thing about it was that it was something I could do that I could finish. In a house full of things that are never really done (laundry, dishes, cleaning, parenting, etc.) it was nice to be able to sit down and crochet a dishcloth in an evening and say, "Look. There is something that I have made that is finished." There was something very satisfying about creating something beautiful that also had a function.

Even though it's no longer use crochet and knitting for quite the same purpose, there is still something about it that is really soothing to me. Part of it is that it's just a mindless, repetitive motion that has an end result of something beautiful. And part of it for me is just this link to something much older than me. People have been knitting for hundreds of years and there's something really fantastic to me about continuing this art. It connects me to people across continents and centuries and that is something very powerful.

How do you relax? What do you like to create?

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