Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Best of the Year (as decided by me, your results may vary)

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We're wrapping up 2010, so in an effort to promote myself just a little bit more, I thought I'd go ahead and round up some of my favorite posts from this year. I have to start in February since I wrote absolutely NOTHING in January (old readers, do you remember when I'd go for weeks without posting? What was that?).

  1. February: Who are you? -- What would it be like if we didn't worry about people knowing where WE stood on issues, and took time to know where THEY stand?
  2. March: Out of Touch -- Sometimes we live and work with people but don't take the time to really connect with them.
  3. April: Who loves you, baby? -- Does God want to "fix" us? 
  4. May: Full-Featured Friend -- Because that phrase is still one of my most favorite ever.
  5. June: Lessons from the Lobby -- I learned some awesome lessons playing a made up game in high school that still apply today.
  6. July: Collections -- Why my phone has a ton of pictures of yellow cars in it.
  7. August: Why I'm a Bad Mom -- This one made me giggle (is it okay to laugh at your own writing?). And the comments are spectacular. 
  8. September: Oneness -- Unity needs to extend beyond the walls of our own church.
  9. October: Musical Monday -- My friend Chuck wrote a song about me. Coolest. Thing. Ever. (So technically I guess this isn't really something I wrote, but still. It's about me, so it counts.)
  10. November: All I Need -- Is Jesus all we need? Still no lightening strikes here. And again, I have the best commenters ever. 
  11. December: Living on the Edge -- Living on the edge is not as exciting as jumping. 
  12. Bonus: It All Comes Down to This -- This was my most-viewed post of the year. 
Okay, that's it from here. 

Now, what did YOU write that I simply must check out? Because really, as much as I love talking about me, I truly do enjoy reading other blogs. So link up your best stuff below!

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