Friday, December 10, 2010

The Big News

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I've been hinting on the twitters and bookface (and in Tuesday's post) that something big was happening. And since I suck at keeping secrets for very long, I guess it's time to let you know about it.

I'm moving.

On the internets.

Which is not really anything that big at all.

Folks who have been around for a while (and even those who haven't) have probably noticed that I've been writing more. Which is good. And writing more has opened up other blogging opportunities for me. Which is really cool and fun, but is making this blog just a hot mess. And that's not cool for anyone.


This is going to be where I post my "whatever"stuff. Reviews, giveaways, funny things I find, general family updates. Most of the content is going to stay here.

But those serious posts? Those are going to be moving to a new site. Stuff that's got the "politics" or "ponderings" or "religion" tags -- those (and others) are heading to my new blog. I'm also going to be moving the Not Alone series to my new digs. Those are incredibly important posts to me and I don't want to see them get lost in the shuffle over here. I'll be reposting some of my old posts over there so it doesn't feel so lonely when I make the move and to give anyone new who stops by something else to check out.

Honestly, I hope by doing this that I'll be able to improve the content at both sites. I want to write quality posts and in trying to make this blog find some kind of middle ground, I feel like I'm not doing that. Or at least not doing that consistently, which is really the primary goal.

Anyway, the new site will go live at the beginning of the new year and in the mean time, I'll still be posting regular posts here. Thanks to everyone for sticking with me while I've been trying to figure this stuff out (and am STILL trying to figure this stuff out)!

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