Wednesday, December 15, 2010

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Okay friends. Today is my awesome husband's birthday.

Here's the deal. This week is finals week at WVU and he's got two finals today. He woke up in the bright and early morning to head up to campus to study a bit and then take a final at 8 AM and then take another one at 3 PM. When he gets out and comes home, I have to leave for a rehearsal at church, so we are getting like, no time together today.

But I'd love to give him a little surprise. And I know it seems like this can't really be much of a surprise because I'm posting it on the internets, but I'm going to trust that he's not going to check my blog while he's at school studying.

So here's what I want you lovelies to do. Please go swing by his blog and leave him a little happy birthday message. Here's a funny post he wrote, so you get a little amusement out of the deal as well. He doesn't have any time to write now, but hopes to get back to it when he graduates in May. But I think seeing his blog light up with comments on his birthday would be a nice little pick-me-up when he's in the midst of finals. And I know you folks are awesome encouragers, so let's go make it happen!

Thanks, and happy birthday to my darling Jason. You're the best.

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