Monday, December 13, 2010

Musical Monday

It's December, so it's still Christmas music time. Yay! (Trust me, I drag this out as long as I possibly can. I totally heart Christmas music, just in case I haven't made that clear already.)

Today isn't really a Christmas song, but more of a winter song. Which certainly counts in my book. Plus, I can listen to this kind of music after Christmas has passed on by. So awesome.

On Friday we had our first viewing (of many, to be sure) of Elf. It includes one of my favorite winter songs, Baby, It's Cold Outside. I love Zooey Deschenal's vocals on it. She has a great sultry voice and just knocks it out. And Leon Redbone, well dang. That's just gooey delight there.

Beyond that, this song has been in my brain a lot anyway. Under Shelter just played a Christmas party on Saturday and we played this song, and then Rich and I played it with our band in church as well this week, so I've been listening to it a lot. And let me tell you, clearly I am not alone in liking this song because it has been covered a bunch.

One cover that I particularly like was done by Tom Jones & Cerys Matthews. Have fun!

Do you have a favorite winter song? What's your favorite cover of Baby It's Cold Outside?

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