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Not Alone Series Recap (Part 2)

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This is part two of the Not Alone series recap. Again, I am just so incredibly thankful to those who have already shared and to those who will be sharing in the future. It means so much to me to have people choose to be vulnerable here. I hope that everyone who has contributed knows that they are life changers. They have my deepest gratitude for their friendship and their vulnerability.

Anyway, here are the last four entries in the series. We'll be having a little break until I get all set up at the new blog. Laura over at Eight Days Designs has me slated to go live by January 9th, so sometime that week! If you're at all interested in contributing to the series, you can shoot me an email and we can talk about it. Thanks for reading these posts! And remember, if you deal with depression, you are not alone.

  • Joanna Ross: The Panic Room -- It was about 2 AM when I woke up, gasping for air.  My chest felt as if it was being crushed.  My body was paralyzed.  The beating of my heart was deafening and seemed to race out of control.  Was I having a heart attack?  An asthma attack?  A stroke?  A seizure?  I was terrified to close my eyes.  I blinked.  My eyes darted toward my bedroom door, but I couldn’t even open my mouth to call for help. I felt like I was choking.  The heaviness on my chest surrounded me like a lead straightjacket.  There seemed to be a sinkhole in my bed, and I was being sucked into it.  Only I couldn’t fight it.  I could only feel myself slowly sinking into it.  I was sure I was about to die. Suddenly, I was no longer being pulled down, but lifted up.   I was experiencing depersonalization, which is when you feel completely detached from your body.  I looked down and watched myself as if I were in a dream. It was almost two hours until my body began to calm and I was able to move and speak.  It was petrifying to feel a complete loss of control over my own body as I lay, trapped in my own little panic room. (read more)
  • Megan Wright: Through the Mirror Dimly -- In all honesty I probably experienced post partum depression with my first child but never really admitted it and it was not bad enough to warrant serious concerns. After my second child was born there was no denying the awful anxiety and accompanying depression  For me the anxiety was stifling and terrifying. Even the simple things in life created anxious spiraling thoughts. My heart raced and my breathing was labored. I never knew what might bring it on but I would mentally, emotionally and physically jump from A to Z in a few seconds. (read more)
  • Chuck Larish: Getting Better: Running to Find Myself -- I couldn't believe it. The worst case scenario I had imagined had just come true. I had no job, no career, no prospects, no goals, and no dreams for the future.  How could this have happened?  The previous year, I had been a teacher, directing a music technology program at a community college, a job that turned out to be much too far over my head and just two years earlier in 2008, I'd been a brand new dad with a five-month-old son in an audio production career that I loved with a job that I didn't but was decent enough.  When I quit my job at the college in May 2010, I was sure that I had a new gig at Big Toy Company, that my triumphant return to professional audio production was waiting for me.  My career had been progressing rapidly but now there was nothing but silence. (read more)
  • Tamara Lunardo: You Are Not Alone -- I've only just begun it, but I can already tell you: Writing about depression is hard. Writing about my faltering faith, my personality defects, my physical flaws, my parenting struggles-- that's easy. That's stuff everyone goes through; I know I'm not alone. But Depression is a sinister demon, and it's a damn good liar, and it loves to whisper, "You're all alone." (read more)

Thanks to all for making this possible.

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