Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sappy Saturday

As my fantastic readers know, Wednesday was my dear husband's birthday. First, thanks to everyone who went and commented on his blog. You guys are awesome.

But even more awesome than you (yeah, I know it's hard to imagine) is my absolutely incredible husband. (People who hate internet PDA should leave now.)

I've written before about meeting Jason. And how I wanted to marry "someone like him." And I talk about how fantastic he is, but I don't always give really concrete answers to the "what makes him so amazing" question.

First, he makes me laugh all. the. time. I absolutely love that about him. I love to laugh and he provides humor at a steady clip. One of our family mottoes is that almost everything has a funny side, and he helps me find it, even in the really difficult to see times. Because of him, I can't think of anything that we've gone through as individuals or as a couple that hasn't had an amusing aspect to it.

Another thing that attracted me to him has been his passion. When Jason gets into something, he gives it his all. As someone who gets scared of jumping, I'm always inspired by those who plunge in. Watching him attack going back to school with full vigor is just really exciting to me. Despite taking really difficult classes, he is excelling in his studies and is on track to graduate with honors in May. After waiting so long to finish a degree, it is really fantastic to see him just a few months away from achieving that goal.

I also love that he is one of the most honest people that I know. It is just not in his nature to lie. I know that if he tells me something that he really means it. As someone who has a lot of self-doubt, it is reassuring to know that my husband tells me the truth.

I also love his creativity. I know that he gets nervous about things like writing and music, but he's really amazingly talented in those fields. I can't wait for school to be over so he can get back to some more creative pursuits. His blog is totally worth checking out (even though it's been long dormant) and I can't wait to see him start working on music again.

He is remarkably selfless. He will go out of his way to help people who need it, regardless of the cost to him. I love that he teaches our kids generosity through his example. I'm sure that they are learning this from their dad and that is a wonderful thing.

I love all of the ways that he's made me a better person. He pushes me in areas where I'm likely to hold back. He makes me smile when I'd rather grouch around. He encourages me to examine ideas that are uncomfortable to me. He loves me when I'm unlovable.

I'm incredibly blessed to have this man in my life. He is a wonderful husband and father and I love him with all my heart.

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