Thursday, January 06, 2011


There are a lot of things that aren't happening right now.

Well, they're happening, but not at the speed I would like them to be happening. 

In real life, this is a slow season for the band and a "money going out without money coming in" kind of time (bridal expos are a little bit spendy and most gigs aren't booked for two weeks out). My husband is in his last semester of college, but it means that we have five more months of a really insane schedule and not getting to spend anywhere near enough time together. 

Online, I've got a couple of projects that I'm very, very excited about, but can't really share much about yet. I'm waiting on a new blog design so I can finally get my new blog up and running. I've got some guest posts that are just waiting to make their debut.

There's a lot of good stuff "out there" but it's not time right now.

And I hate that.

That said, a few days ago I posted that my word for the year was birth. And one of the things about birth is that it has to happen when it's time to happen or things can go seriously wrong. There can be lots of complications for babies that are born prematurely, both in the birth process itself and in the long term. If conditions lend themselves to a premature birth, birth professionals will do everything in their power to help the pregnancy continue so that the baby has every chance of survival outside of the womb.

Right now, everything looks pretty healthy with my "pregnancies." Everything is progressing in a way that leads me to believe it's going to be a pretty successful birth. That is tremendously exciting to me.

But birth takes time and I've got to have the patience to let that time come. For now, I'll just try to relish the antici...


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