Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Cool Mom

Yesterday I ushered my daughter into the realm of awesome by giving her a first taste of the exciting world of hair color alteration.

I decided that I wanted to blue my hair a little bit. So the other day when I was at the drugstore, I picked up a bleach & blue kit. It's been a few years since I've been a really off-the-wall color, so I thought a little blue streak might be something good to perk me up in the middle of these grey, depressing, winter days. At the very least, it would give other people something to giggle about.

Anyway, after seeing me walk in with the kit and talking to some friends at church, Deborah decided that she wanted to join me in the world of hair color. Since the kids ended up having an early dismissal due to snow yesterday, we spent the afternoon coloring our hair together. What. A. Hoot!

First we had to do the bleach. Her totally unprocessed hair bleached out super nice and evenly. It wasn't quite as blonde as it could have been, but when the blue washes out, she's still going to look pretty awesome. Then we did the blue. It's a much darker blue than I anticipated, but it looks crazy good on her.

We had a great time laughing over the coloring and reciting lines from Scott Pilgrim vs. The World to each other. It was all kinds of geeky mother-daughter fun.

Here's a pic I touched up with Deborah's results. I do love this kid. She makes me all kinds of happy!

Do you remember the first time you dyed your hair? 

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