Saturday, January 01, 2011

Sappy Saturday: New Year Edition

Poppy blossom birth!photo © 2010 David Shand | more info (via: Wylio)

For nine years now, this is a word that I always associate with January first. I mean, I guess it's always kind of been there, but when you actually give birth on new year's day, it tends to take on a wee bit more meaning.

Birth is one of those words that brings a flood of other thoughts to my mind. Excitement. Pain. Exhaustion. Beauty. Fear. Empowerment.

Birth is such a crazy thing. It has potential for so much joy, but also potential for so much sorrow (as several of my friends have experienced). I don't think there are many events that we go through that have so wide a range of possible outcomes in so narrow a moment.

All of us (yes, all of us) have something gestating that is waiting to be born, and 2011 is probably going to offer opportunities for some of those things to come forth. It will probably be scary. It might be painful. It could result in tears.

But the potential for joy exists as well. And that potential makes it worth the risk.

Do you have something that needs to be birthed this year? Wanna share so we can help you with the process?

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