Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sappy Saturday

With several snow days this past week, the kids have played on the Wii a bit.

Okay, a lot.

Anyway, my bookend children have (re)discovered my favorite game -- The Legend of Zelda. I became a dyed in the wool Zelda fan after Ocarina of Time. Everything about that game just made me happy. I loved the land, I loved the game play, I loved the music, all of it. It's just one of my most favorite video games of all time.

Twilight Princess is the game the kids have been playing and again, I just marvel at the game play. I'm obviously not a graphics person because there's nothing very striking about that, but I do love the world the developers have created in Hyrule. As I'm watching the kids play, I remember again how much I enjoy this game. Even as a simple observer, it's a lot of fun.

Which is why I'm hoping against hope that Nintendo does in fact come out with a new Zelda game this year. I've been hearing rumblings about it for quite some time now and I am despairing of them actually ever making it happen. It's quite disheartening, to be honest.

At the beginning of the month I tweeted that my primary goal for this year was to get Nintendo to release Donkey Kong 64 to the Wii store for download, but I may have to amend that to seeing that Skyward Sword is actually released in 2011. Because that would be pretty sweet.

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