Friday, January 21, 2011

Snow Day

Iguanodon  photo © 2009 Angela Marie | more info (via: Wylio)

We have another snow day here in Marion County, WV. I love having the kids around, but wow. Sometimes these unplanned days off can deteriorate into screaming matches between the kids. And sadly, despite being the grown-up, I all-too-often join in.

Today is a bit different though.

The kids, completely of their own volition, have been working together to help the youngest write a report on the iguanodon.

This report is not something that is due for class. It's not for extra credit. It's not FOR anything.

Christopher got some of those foam things in a capsule that you stick in water and they turn into a shape. He got a dinosaur pack and one of them was an iguanodon. That's it. They have been upstairs scouring the internets for information about what this animal ate, how it hunted, what it looks like, when it lived, everything.

I love it.

I love that they want to learn simply for the sake of learning. I love that they want to expand their knowledge not because someone is forcing them to, but because they think it's cool to know new things. I love that they let something simple like a 2 inch piece of foam launch them into a world of discovery. And I love that they are working together, complimenting one another as they use their skills together.

They still need to keep it down because Jason is trying to sleep, but I much prefer asking them to laugh quietly than to fight quietly.

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