Monday, February 07, 2011

Musical Monday

I'm going to cheat a little bit today and post something that is not strictly musical.

Okay, it's not really musical at all. Though they do both sing rather frequently in their videos.

I'm talking about RobandBeckiReadStuff.

Seriously, I am dying over these videos.

Becki and I were tight back in elementary school. We would swing or climb the awesome jungle gym or play on the death spinner merry-go-round and sing songs from Oklahoma together. We then went to different high schools and just didn't hang out any more.
For serious, you're missing moments like this when you don't watch.

We reconnected a few years ago on Facebook and seriously, her status updates probably get a larger percentage of likes from me than just about anyone else. And I probably only like half as many as I actually like, because if I liked all of them, people might think I'm just a creepy stalker. (I prefer my stalking to be seen as cute and endearing.)

Anyway, she and her friend Rob have been doing a new web show where they read stuff from the internet. Basically they find a humor site and do dramatic readings from it. They did a series from which was really fantastic and now they're reading from (which, if you haven't been to either of these sites, you are seriously missing out). They've also branched out and have started offering advice, which is a brilliant mixture of humor and seriousness.

Truly, these are some of the best 10-15 minute bits of my week.

Sadly, I cannot find a way to embed any of their videos here, but you can go to their Facebook page and watch to your heart's content. Become their friend so you don't miss any new videos.

You WILL be entertained, I totally promise.

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