Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Review: DuWop Cosmetics

I have a new sponsor here on the blog! You'll be seeing a giveaway from Apothica shortly, but today I wanted to let you know about one of the brands that they sell on their site.

DuWop cosmetics is a great line cosmetics from makeup artist Christina Bartolucci. She created the first line of lip plumpers, which she named Lip Venom. These use essential oils of cinnamon, ginger and wintergreen to plump the lips and give them that full, just-kissed look. And since it has no irritating chemicals, this plumper is wonderful for people who are looking to have sexy, luscious lips without sacrificing skin health to get them.

I'm especially interested in the DuWop Twilight Venom. It's a dark red lip plumper. I admit, I could take or leave the books and movies (my daughter would disagree with me on that, but nevertheless!), but this lip plumper looks absolutely fantastic. I'm a sucker for red lipsticks and the addition of a plumper in this looks just perfect for me (I was not blessed with my youngest sister's super gorgeous full lips).

DuWop also has a full line of blush, eyeshadow, foundation, and other makeup essentials. They include a number of natural ingredients and are good for all skin-types. As someone with sensitive skin, I appreciate any cosmetic product that includes natural ingredients that lend themselves toward being irritant-free. Because let's be honest, irritated skin is not particularly glamorous. And if I'm going to the trouble of getting myself all dolled up, I'm probably trying for at least a little bit of glamor.

You can check out DuWop makeup at Apothica.

Disclosure: I received a $10 gift card for writing this post and am hoping to win some products from DuWop. That said, all opinions are entirely my own. If I do win, be sure to check back for another review! Read my full disclosure here.

Apothica carries great cosmetic brands including Oscar Blandi hair care! Check out their amazing products!

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